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Unclogging a Kitchen Drain

One of the worst kitchen nightmares is to find your kitchen sink clogged. Regardless of how much maintenance or precaution you render, your kitchen drain is bound to clog once in a while. The art of unclogging your kitchen drain before you think of seeking emergency plumbing services is not science rocket. The process can be done inexpensively using readily available cleaning items without having to use concentrated chemicals. The following are some tips to clean your clogged kitchen drain.

Hot Water

Sometime your sink may be clogged with grease. Pouring extremely hot water down the clogged kitchen drain will break most of the clogs as it travels through the pipe. Grease is a common clogging agent in the kitchen and other solutions such as concoction of 1/3 cup of baking soda and the same amount of vinegar can temporarily solve the problem as you wait for professional help.


You can use a plunger to effectively remove the remaining clogged materials after using vinegar and soda ash solution. The later will help loosen up any gunk particles that are stuck in the drain while the plunger will help further clean the sinks. Use a plunger that is wide enough to cover the entire sinkhole. Fill the sink with ample water to cover the plunger cup. You can use a towel to cover the top end of the plunger to provide better grip. Repeatedly press the pump directly on the drain hole until the clog is clear. This process will help clear gunk particles clogging your kitchen drain.

Chemical Drain Cleaner

Using chemical drain cleaners is a quick and efficient way to unclog the kitchen drain. You can buy a bottle of these chemicals from the local grocery shop and use the instructions given by the manufacturer precisely. Before using the chemicals around your home, put on safety gloves and maintain the room well ventilated. Avoid using plungers while using chemical cleaners to unclog your kitchen drain as the sprinkle can splash back on your body.

Plumber’s Snake

Plumber’s snake is simply a coiled wire attached to a crank. Plumber’s snake is a tried and tested way to unclog a kitchen drain. With the help of the crank, insert the wire into the pipeline and pull it out quickly. Repeat this process until the coiled wire breaks up the clog as it makes the repeated motions.

Taking good care of your kitchen drain surpasses any of these mentioned methods in maintaining a functional kitchen drain. Avoid dumping food items, bones, and fibrous materials down the sink as they cause seriously clog you drain.

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